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Name:ᖴᗩᗷIᗩᑎ ᗰᗩᒪᔕTᖇOᗰ
Birthdate:Mar 4

A thousand people come and go and stay and fade away

fruktansvärd (Swedish)
awful, fearful, horrible, dreadful, villainous.

Fabian (referred to as Fay, now, thanks to one of his roommates) is a 401 year old witch with a very dark history. Having fallen into the dark arts after falling in love with a Count hundreds of years ago (which resulted in his longevity curse) he is constantly struggling with shame, guilt, and redemption.

Fabian usually roams from town to town, stays for awhile and makes friends then moves along to the next space. He is more comfortable in smaller rural areas but since the Count's return he has taken to larger cities to hide. Fabian has a lot of flaws, he is most certainly shamelessly promiscuous, can be very moody, has bouts of self-destructive behavior and goes through cycles of isolation. He also lacks self-control, more times than not, and were it not for his 'curse' he might have been dead some time ago due to that.

Nevertheless, Fabian really truly cares about people. He always has. He wants to help, he wants to help people heal, find love, charm, and beauty in life. He wants to help people find what they need, however he can, find their path, grow, discover. Fabian describes himself as a Kitchen Witch. Skilled in Hedgecraft, he creates teas, foods, charms, mojo bags, soaps, lotions, and more with natural ingredients and his own (more powerful than he realizes) spiritual energy. He is capable of spiritual guidance, divination, fortune telling, and connecting with the spirit world as most Hedgewitches are, but his third eye is not as strong as what is common with Hedgewitches and so he requires the presence of his familiar, Jasmine, to do so.

Fabian also paints and writes (poetry, for money even!) and is a talented dancer (doesn't get money for that, usually).

Original character. Muse and mun both over 18.

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